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Course d'Orientation 2019

The COCS [Course d'Orientation Coeur de Savoie] is happy to welcome you from Thursday, 29th of May and Sunday, 2nd of June 2019 for 4 amazing orienteerings days! We will offer races on various terrains (continental, urban, rocky areas and mountain pastures) as well as practising the 2011 WOC maps for training.


 ~~ Latest News ~~


May, 25th, - Startlist for Long Distance is available here.

May, 24th, - Startlist for Middle Distance is available here.

May, 20th - A warmup map for the sprint is available here.

May, 08th - All the last informations into the official book (now in English)

May, 06th - You will find the length for all courses in the relevant pages.






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